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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cards with Kudos LessonsUpdated 3 months ago

Credit cards bring a ton of convenience and consumer protections to your financial life. Plus, as one of our members said recently, “Credit cards offer free money, why not use them?” Having a solid grasp of how cards work empowers you to make informed choices, effectively manage your finances, and ultimately earn rewards and unlock sweet benefits. The topic of credit cards - and personal finance in general - is often confusing. That’s where we come in to help!

With Kudos Lessons, we’ve created easy-to-understand lessons to make sure you’re learning everything from Credit Cards 101 to advanced rewards mastery! Each lesson only takes 3 minutes to complete and will help you grasp everything from the fundamentals of credit cards to the more advanced ways to take advantage of what credit cards offer.

To get started, head to My Wallet from your desktop or the Kudos mobile app and scroll down to Lessons.

You will see lessons broken down by: 

  • General Credit Card Knowledge
  • Credit Health
  • Maximizing cards
  • Getting the most out of your points

With each lesson you complete, you'll see your achievements grow!

We’re going to add more and more lessons as time goes on, based on your feedback and requests. Any lessons you want to see highlighted? Reach out to us anytime!

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