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What are Hidden Perks?Updated 3 months ago

When you consider the typical benefits of a credit card, do you think of complimentary checked luggage or free shipping from a store? What often goes unnoticed is that credit cards offer a wide array of additional perks, many of which are not widely recognized. These hidden benefits have the potential to save you thousands of dollars annually.

Based on the card in your wallet, you could be entitled to some impressive discounts. And here's the great part: you don't have to remember all these perks on your own! Whether you're accessing Kudos online or through our mobile app, we've got your back.

Hidden Perks on the Web

Head to your wallet to see a birds-eye view of your card’s benefits. 

Click on Perks.

Click any of the perks to discover more about each one.

You can mark them as Completed, Removed, or Expired. 

Hidden Perks on the Mobile App

From the mobile app, all of your hidden perks will pop up from Home, along with the calculated savings.

You can mark them as Completed, Removed, or Expired. 

Explore Hidden Perks and uncover the benefits you may have overlooked (but won't overlook any longer)!

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