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What is the Explore Tool?Updated 6 months ago

Our Explore Tool is a free credit card recommender that chooses the best card for you based on what’s already in your wallet. You just need to enter your monthly/annual spending across different categories and merchants and we’ll do the rest! 

To personalize your card recommendations, click Factor in my Wallet at the top of the page.

Tell which cards you already have (no card numbers required) and change the average spend that’s defaulted across all categories via the Spend Profile tab. 

You can also factor in sign-up bonuses, as well as card benefits - like DashPass and Uber credits - for each card by clicking "See how we calculated your potential earnings" on any card on the Explore page and by toggling those on. Any changes you make to category spend on that modal are also saved to your global spend profile.

To be transparent, we make a commission on about 5% of the 3,000+ cards in our database, but it doesn’t inform our recommendations. When you see an affiliated card in our Explore tool, it will show clearly.

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