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What is the Explore Tool?Updated 2 months ago

Our Explore Tool is a complimentary credit card recommender that selects the optimal card for you, considering your existing wallet. Simply input your monthly/annual spending across various categories and merchants, and we'll handle the rest!

How to use the Explore Tool on the Web

For tailored card suggestions, click "Factor in my Wallet" at the top of the page.

Tell us which cards you already have (no card numbers required) and change the average spend that’s defaulted across all categories from the Profile Overview tab. You can view by Yearly or Monthly.

Once you've inputted your numbers, click "Save and View Results and we'll generate a card recommendation for you.

You can also factor in sign-up bonuses, as well as card benefits - like DashPass and Uber credits - for each card.

Simply click on "See how we calculated your potential earnings" on any card on the Explore page and toggle those options on. Any adjustments made to category spend within that modal are automatically saved to your global spend profile.

You can also compare the rewards, benefits, fees, and benefits of multiple cards at the same time by clicking "Compare Card."

Once you've selected the cards you want to compare, click "Compare Cards."

This will show you a side-by-side breakdown of the cards.

How to use the Explore Tool on the Mobile App

Tap the New Card tab in the lower right corner of the mobile app, then tap Explore Tool. 

This will take you to the web experience on your mobile device. For tailored card suggestions, click "Factor in my Wallet" at the top of the page.

To be transparent, we receive a commission from approximately 5% of the 3,000+ cards in our database. However, this does not influence our recommendations. 

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