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Kudos Account Questions

Got account questions? Find your answers here!

How can I update the information linked to my Kudos account?

Looking to change the name, email address, or phone number linked to your Kudos account? It's easy!. Simply make these updates through Account Settings.

How can I change when and how I authenticate my Kudos account?

You can change how often we verify your account at any time. From the Web. Head to Account Settings and scroll down to Authentication. Click Edit to choose the frequency. You can also choose if we email you or authenticate via SMS text message. Hit s

How do I delete my Kudos account?

Deleting Your Account from the Web. From Account Settings, scroll to Manage Account and then click Delete account. Deleting Your Account from the Mobile App. You can delete your account within the app by tapping Account and then Manage Account. Tap D