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Privacy-related questions answered here.

What data does Kudos see and how does it keep my data private?

At Kudos, we treat your personal and financial data like we’d want ours to be treated. Kudos never sells or shares your data with any third parties. We believe your data is just that, yours. To improve Kudos, we use aggregated and anonymized data for

Why does my browser indicate that the Kudos extension can “read and change” all my data?

The "read and change" language you see is provided by your browser for all browser extensions. What Kudos does is much more limited. We read the page when you’re on a supported shopping website so that we can calculate the credit card rewards you’ll

How does Kudos keep my data secure?

We built Kudos on the belief that your data should always be secure, private, and accessible to only you. Kudos has invested heavily in industry-leading security to ensure our platform uses the most up-to-date industry protocols for storing your data