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How do I set up my wallet?Updated 2 months ago

On the Kudos Browser Extension

Once Kudos is installed, dive into setting up your wallet by adding your debit and credit cards!

Just select the cards you have and you're all set to maximize your rewards at checkout. 

Search for your cards or pick from the top ones in our extensive database. With support for over 3,000 US debit and credit cards—and continuously adding more—we've got you covered.

Can't find your card? No worries! Contact us, and we'll make sure your card gets supported.

Feel free to add more cards to your wallet whenever you like.

To remove a card from your wallet, simply choose the card you wish to delete and click "Remove Card."

On the Kudos Mobile App

Go to your Wallet and tap the + sign in the upper right corner. 

Seach for your card and then tap the + sign. Tap Save to My Wallet when finished.

To remove a card from your wallet, simply tap on the card you wish to delete, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and tap "Remove Card."

Currently, we exclusively support US debit and credit cards, but international expansion is on the horizon!

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