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The Fundamentals

All the essentials to start earning with Kudos!

What is Kudos?

Kudos, your go-to free browser extension and iOS app, optimizes your online shopping by calculating the best credit card rewards and benefits for you. With a single click, discover the top card for your purchase, learn about the card's perks, and enj

How do I get started on desktop?

You can start earning with Kudos right away by installing our browser extension!. Currently, the Kudos browser extension is compatible with:. Once you've installed Kudos, click the puzzle icon to see a dropdown of all your extensions. Then, simply pi

How do I get started on mobile?

Start by downloading Kudos from the App Store onto your iPad or iPhone. Once Kudos is on your iOS device, you'll be prompted to tap "Enable on Safari.". Next, tap aA in the address bar. then "Manage Extensions.". Toggle on Kudos. You'll see a message

How do I set up my wallet?

On the Kudos Browser Extension. Once Kudos is installed, dive into setting up your wallet by adding your debit and credit cards!. Just select the cards you have and you're all set to maximize your rewards at checkout. Search for your cards or pick fr

How does Kudos work?

On the Kudos Browser Extension. Once Kudos is set up and your cards are added, look for a yellow Kudos badge at the bottom right of your browser while shopping on your go-to sites. Click the icon to reveal your wallet, showcasing the optimal cards to

What is autofill?

Our Autofill feature makes shopping even smoother. Opting for Autofill is your choice—we don't insist you input your credit card details to enjoy Kudos. But for those who prefer a quick checkout, activating Autofill on both desktop and in the mobile

Can I hide Kudos on certain sites?

You're in charge of where Kudos appears. Use the snooze option to hide Kudos until checkout, until your next visit to a site, or permanently on specific sites. Snooze Sites on the Desktop Extension. Customize when and where Kudos pops up by accessing

How do I refer friends and family to Kudos?

When you share Kudos with friends and family, you win and they win, too. You: Earn up to 2,000 Boost (equivalent to $20.00). You'll earn 250 Boost when they complete their first purchase on any site. You'll earn an additional 1,750 Boost when they co

Does Kudos work internationally?

We've listened to your requests for international expansion, and we're on it!. Currently, Kudos supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and beyond, with more international sites coming soon. While we don't

How does Kudos make money?

When you make a purchase with one of our merchant partners, they share a portion of that sale as an affiliate commission with us. We, in turn, pass on a portion of that revenue to you through our rewards program, Kudos Boost. Additionally, when you a