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What is autofill?Updated 3 months ago

Our Autofill feature makes shopping even smoother. Opting for Autofill is your choice—we don't insist you input your credit card details to enjoy Kudos. But for those who prefer a quick checkout, activating Autofill on both desktop and in the mobile app is the way to go. Just enter your card info once, and we'll handle the rest for you, CVV included.

Autofill on the Desktop Extension

Choosing your card at checkout will lead us to ask for your credit or debit card information just once—this includes the card number, expiration date, security code, billing zip code, and cardholder name. Rest assured, we'll remember it for next time.

After entering your details, simply hit "Save Card."

Enter your card details just once, and we'll remember them for all future purchases. Plus, you can add or remove credit card information from your wallet settings whenever you choose.

From Your Wallet Settings

Choose your card from the wallet and click "Add Card Details."

Done! Leave the rest to us at checkout.

Autofill in the Mobile App

At checkout, tap the add card details for the card you'd like us to autofill. 

After entering your details, hit "Save Card." We'll store this information for you moving forward.

Autofill in the Mobile App Settings

From Wallet, tap All Cards in the upper right corner.

Choose the card you want to update with your information. 

Tap "Add card details."

All set! Sit back and let us handle the rest at checkout.

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