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Kudos Boost

Unlock the power of Kudos Boost and supercharge your purchasing potential.

‍What is Kudos Boost?

Kudos Boost is our free rewards program.  At participating stores, simply check out with Kudos - either on desktop or on your mobile device - and we'll instantly double your credit card rewards with a single click. If you're earning 3% from your cred

How do I activate Kudos Boost?

Activating Kudos Boost on the Browser Extension. While browsing our store partners' sites, you'll notice an option to Activate Boost in the bottom right corner when you click the yellow Kudos badge. Simply click the black button to Activate Boost, co

On what shops is Kudos Boost available?

Kudos Boost works on over 15,000 shopping sites, with new stores being added regularly! Visit Boost Merchants to view our current list of partnered stores. Since our partners are subject to change, be sure to check back frequently to ensure you're ma

What are Kudos Boost bonuses?

You're already earning Kudos Boost points when you shop online, but you can unlock even more rewards by completing a few quick tasks from Boost Bonuses. Simply navigate to Boost Bonuses from your wallet, where you'll find a list of bonuses waiting to

When does my Kudos Boost become available?

Your Kudos Boost savings are displayed as pending in your account, usually for 60-90 days, while our merchant partners verify your order. Certain purchases, such as future flights or hotel bookings, remain pending until your trip is concluded. If any

What is my Rewards History?

Your Rewards History displays all your transactions where you've accrued rewards, whether from your credit cards or through utilizing Kudos Boost. You can filter your transaction history for the past 30 days, 90 days, or by year. Rewards History on t

How do I redeem my Kudos Boost?

After you’ve racked up 1,000 Kudos Boost points (the equivalent of $10.00 USD), you can redeem them for an Amazon.com gift card from My Rewards. We're working on enabling more ways for you to redeem your Boost  in the future. How to redeem Kudos Boos

Do Kudos Boost points expire?

As long as you keep your Kudos account active by using our browser extension or mobile app once during a consecutive 12-month period, your Kudos Boost points will not expire. Read more about this in our Terms of Service.

‍Can I use other rewards programs at the same time as Kudos?

We want to ensure you earn your Kudos Boost on every qualifying purchase! When you use multiple rewards programs, only one rewards program gets a commission for helping drive the sale. We don’t have a way of knowing which company will receive credit

Can I use an ad blocker with Kudos Boost?

Yes, but don't forget to add Kudos to your ad blocker’s allowlist. Certain web browsers, like Brave and DuckDuckGo, have ad-blocking enabled by default. Disable this feature before you activate Kudos Boost. This will ensure that we receive credit for

What are Kudos Boost flash sales?

In addition to matching your credit card rewards at participating merchants, we regularly run flash Boost sales to amplify your savings even more! Follow us on X (the app formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Threads, and LinkedIn